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  • PCI EXPRESS X1 I/O 1P + 2S WCH 382
    PCI EXPRESS X1 I/O 1P + 2S WCH 382
Harga :Rp135.000

Jual : PCI EXPRESS X1 I/O 1P + 2S WCH 382

PC express multi I/O CARD ( 1 LPT port - 2 Serial DB-9 port )

Description :
Easily add 2x Serial DB-9 male port and 1 Printer Parallel DB-25 Female ports to your desktop PCs.

Serial ports are ideal for connecting to modem, cellular phone, PDA, ISDN terminal adapter, satellite receiver, graphic tablet, bar code scanner, label printer, automated teller machine, GPS, finger print identification, Infra-Red transceiver, packet radio, magnetic card reader, POS devices, multi-modem dial-up server, digital camera, automation interface, and card reader.

Parallel DB-25 Female ports is ideal for printers, Scanner, IC programmers, ZIP Drives, or any Parallel devices Keeps old Serial devices alive

Specifications :
  • Compliant with PCI-Express Base Specification Revision 1.0a
  • Based on : WCH CH382L
  • Single-Lane (x1) PCI-Express with Throughput up to 2.5Gbps
  • Serial Port (RS-232) Interface:
    • Compatible with Industrial Standard 16C550 UART
    • On Chip 256-byte Depth FIFO in Transmit
    • Transfer Data Rates up to 250Kbps on Each Port
    • Supports Hardware and Software Flow Control
    • Supports 5, 6, 7, 8-bit Serial Format
  • Parallel Port Interface:
    • IEEE 1284 Compatible Parallel Port
    • Fast Data Rate up to 1.5Mbps

Supports :
Windows 7 32/64-bit ,
Windows 8 32/64-bit ,
Vista 32/64-bit ,
Windows XP 32/64-bit ,
Windows 2000 ,
WIN 2003 32/64-bit ,
WIN 98 / NT4,

Package Includes

1x 1 port Parallel PCI-Express Card
1x 2 port Serial Profile Brackets
1x CD Driver Installer

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Jual : PCI EXPRESS X1 I/O 1P + 2S WCH 382