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Jual : USB to Display

USB wireless to vga or hdmi port display.

The Imation Link™ Wireless Audio/Video Extender.

Alat usb PC to TV converter :
Input : USB adapter (pemancar)
Output : penerima mirip sirip ikan hiu , terdapat port VGA (dsub db15 analog) dan hdmi.
Jarak pancar 7m still picture.

Berat : 700gr sebelum packing paket

The Imation Link™ Wireless Audio/Video Extender projects audio and high-definition video content - Internet TV, movies, photos, online games, web video conferencing and even business presentations - to a television or projector.

Turn any computer into a digital entertainment server with up to 720p video quality, 1080p quality for still images,
Videos can be displayed via the Link at up to 720p (1280 x 720 pixels) while images can be shown at up to 1080p (1920 x 1080 pixels).
full audio support, PC and Mac compatibility.
The Imation Link™ Wireless A/V Extender uses wireless USB technology providing you with a reliable connection and faster data transfer speeds than Wi-Fi.

After months of waiting, Alereon NoWire HDTV Kit is picked up by Imation, which renames the Wireless USB video adapter to Link.

Imation didn't mention the Link Wireless A/V Extender as a Certified Wireless USB device, largely because the UWB-based protocol is now relegated to niche interface. The Imation Link consists of a WUSB transmitter and a shark fin-lookalike receiver with a HDMI output on the back. The said transmitter is a USB dongle that can send lossless 720p video (courtesy of DisplayLink) over UWB waveband to the receiver.

There shouldn't be any lag in frame rate since the application usually involves a laptop and the receiver (usually near the HDTV) in line of sight of each other.
Unless the wireless distance is over 30 feet, you shouldn't see any performance degradation.
Though, if you up the output to 1080p, Imation Link can only manage photo stills at this resolution.
Imation Link is competing with Intel WiDi; the only difference is that the Link is trying to grab third party PC/Mac accessory market while WiDi can only be found on most recent Windows 7 laptops.

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Imation Link™ Wireless AV Extender Demonstration Video ,
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Berat : 700gr sebelum packing paket