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USB ENCLOSURE IDE 5.25 inch for HDD / DVD / CD - ROM / RW

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  • USB ENCLOSURE IDE 5.25 inch
    USB ENCLOSURE IDE 5.25 inch
  • USB ENCLOSURE IDE 5.25 inch (gambar yg dus ini , sold out )
    USB ENCLOSURE IDE 5.25 inch (gambar yg dus ini , sold out )
Harga :Rp250.000
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Jual : USB ENCLOSURE 5.25 inch IDE for DVD / CD - ROM / RW

Bahan Alumunium. Berfungsi untuk mengubah DVD ROM / RW internal atau CD ROM / RW internal yang bentuk colokan ide (jarum-jaum pin 39) menjadi DVD atau CD ROM portable (eksternal) dengan colokan usb
Pemakaiannya memerlukan power tambahan dengan adaptor yang sudah termasuk dalam paket.

Enclosure 5.25-inch USB 2.0 Aluminum External Case

This Aluminum External Enclosure Case is a portable storage drive case that incorporates USB 2.0 and the hot-swappable Plug and Play feature gives anyone great convenience on the road or when using the drive with different computers. Expand your world with this Aluminum External Enclosure Case!


•5.25-inch USB 2.0 Aluminum External Enclosure Case
•General Features:
•Suitable for 5.25-inch internal devices such as DVD-RW, DVD-ROM, CD-RW, ETC
•40x times faster than USB 1.1
•Supports USB 2.0 Transfer rate of 12 Mbps and 480 Mbps
•High Speed (480 Mbit) and Full Speed (12 Mbit) supports
•Date Transfer rate up to 480Mbit/sec
•Enhanced IDE/ATAPI protocol
•USB1.1 compatible
•Support ATA PIO modes 0-4, Ultra DMA 0 - 5
•Support hot swappable
•Plug and Play
•PC & Mac compatible
•Compatible with the latest DVD±RW (double layer & LightScribe)

Package Includes:

•USB 2.0 Aluminum External Enclosure
•External power adapter (100-240V ~ 50/60 Hz 2A )
•Power cable
•USB cable

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