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  • Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400r
    Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400r
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Jual : Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400r

Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Overview

Logitech’s Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 has 10 meter (33 feet) wireless range and can be accessed at your own comfort. It has a large touch pad placed on the right side with multi touch navigation which helps easy scrolling and browsing. The best part of Logitech’s K400 is that it is wireless and does not require any software also. In order to connect the keyboard to any device, Logitech unifying wireless receiver has to be plugged into a USB port on your laptop or system.

Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard K400 Features

Remote Access

Logitech K400 touch keyboard has 84 keys layout with advanced 2.4 GHz frequency. It works even at 10 meter range and can be used for laptops or even TVs. It comes as a wireless keyboard with brilliant looks.

Touch Pad

It has a 3.5-inch touch pad and thus incorporating a mouse within a keyboard. It makes browsing the internet very easy.

It is also provided with right click and left click buttons with the touch pad. The touch pad has an appealing design to it.


In order to protect the information sent between the keyboard and the receiver, it is sent encrypted using 128-bit AES encryption.

Design Of Logitech K400 Touch Keyboard

It is easy to read due to its contrasting black background with bright white characters. Some of the keys are marked in blue like start button, navigation arrows etc for easy recognition. It has been designed in a compact manner without causing any discomfort while use. Thus it is easy to carry. K400 has low profile keys with a sleek design which facilitates easy typing without any sound.


It is powered by 2 AA’ batteries and it is estimated to give a 12 month battery life when it is promptly switched off when not in use.

Unifying Receiver

Since it is wireless with no software installation, it comes with a tiny unifying receiver which has to be plugged in to the USB port and it can add several other compatible devices to it.

You can plug it on to any laptop or system with a USB port without the problem of software requirement.

Hot Media Keys

It has impressive hot media keys to mute or vary the volume i.e. increase or decrease the volume along with a home button at the upper left corner of the keyboard for easy access.


This keyboard can be stored in a vertical manner if there are any space constraints. Due to its sleek and compact design it is easy to store even within confined spaces.

Logitech System Requirements

Logitech K400 touch keyboard requires Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7 OS configuration with a USB port to plug in the unifying receiver.

Package of Content :
•Wireless Touch Keyboard
•Unifying USB receiver
•USB extender
•2AA batteries (pre-installed)
•User documentation

Keyboard Color : Black
Dimensions : 5.9" x 1.2" x 15.8"
Dimensions : 14 mm x 25 mm x 353 mm
Packaged Weight (kg) : 0.584

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